Hurricane season 2016 started June 1 and meteorologists predict this will be one of the busiest in years. Right now, two significant storms are being tracked in the Atlantic, including a mostly disorganized low-pressure system called Invest 99L.

Invest 99L path

Invest 99L is slowly moving toward the Bahamas and is likely to become a tropical depression within the next few days. Tracking models suggest it will slam into Florida’s east coast sometime early next week. In addition, the models suggest a possible second landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast around Labor Day weekend.

Possible path of disaster

Should Invest 99L enter the Gulf of Mexico, the warm waters will strengthen the storm and pose a significant threat to Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas. Louisiana could also be hit, bringing even more rain to an area still recovering from catastrophic flooding earlier this month. According to the National weather Service, parts of Louisiana “could quickly experience flooding again,” especially if Hermine makes landfall in the western part of the state.

Invest 99L heading toward Miami

When Invest 99L becomes a tropical depression, it will be officially named Hermine. Currently, the storm is roughly 1,000 miles southeast of Miami and moving on a west-northwest path. Even if Invest 99L never becomes organized into a tropical storm or hurricane, parts of southeastern Florida will experience high winds, torrential rain, and possible flash flooding.

Meteorologists with AccuWeather suggest anyone living in the area closely monitor the movement of the storm and have a hurricane preparedness plan in place, including possible evacuation.

2016 hurricane season busier than usual

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting 12 to 17 named storms during hurricane season 2016.

Of these, five to eight will become hurricanes and two to four will be major hurricanes. An average hurricane season has 12 named storms, six hurricanes, with three of them major. According to NOAA, atmospheric conditions are right for a “more active hurricane season” in 2016. The peak of the season, the most dangerous time for tropical cyclone activity, began about one week ago and will continue for the next seven weeks.

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