A veteran fisherman came across a huge floating orb that looked alien in nature as it drifted aimlessly in the middle of the ocean off Australia. Fisherman Mark Watkins was curious, but as his boat got closer to this floating pod-like monster he realized it wasn't an orb that came down from the from above, but something that came up from the ocean.

Alien-looking orb

He didn't want to get too close to the orb in case it was ready to explode and by looking at the size of it, there was a chance that this could happen at any moment.

So what did Watkins find? He stumbled upon a dead whale carcass that had bloated into a round orb as the decomposing guts of the whale produced a gas that built up in the carcass. The whale in this picture is actually belly-up and from the clues in this photo, it is believed this is a humpback whale, according to The Sun News.

Bizarre-looking entity

Bloating whales have been seenbeached along the shore, but it is a rare sight to see out in the middle of the ocean. As you can see in the picture above unless you recognized the clues that would indicate to you that you have stumbled on a bloating whale carcass, you probably wouldn't know what you were looking at.

Your nose gives you first indication

The first clue that hit the fishermen on the boat was the horrendous smell. Experts say there's nothing like the stench of a rotting and bloating whale and if you get it on your clothes no matter how many times you wash them, it lingers.

Explosion mode

Once realizing it was a dead whale, the boat turned away from the odd-looking entity. When those gases build up to a point where that thick skin cannot hold it in anymore, that whale carcass will explode spraying whale guts and the stench farther than the eye can see.

It is a violent explosion and you don't want to be anywhere nearby when that happens.

After the whale explodes, the carcass will start to slowly sink to the ocean floor where it will provide an abundance of food for ocean dwelling animals and fish for a long time to come. Believe it or not, experts say that it can take up to 30 years for a whale to fully decompose on the ocean floor.

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