Hillary Clinton may be trying as hard as she can not to draw attention to her latest side-kick, but she cannot hide what people are witnessing more and more these days when the former Secretary of State takes the stage. Today the trend#HillarysStoolsis saturating the online world. Hillary is depending on stools to keep her steady while at the podium. If a stool is not readily available, her campaign staff usually fills in for this piece of furniture, as seen in the stool sample photo provided by a Twitter post below.

'Excessive use of stools'

The Morning News USA refers to this practice as "Hillary's excessive use of stools.

" Folks are suggesting that Hillary may not be able to stand up for more than a short period of time without some assistance from a stool or a human being. She is often seen sitting on the edge of a stool while stationary on the stage or with a staff person next to her actually propping her up when standing on a podium, as seen below.

Hillary's need for a stool goes viral

This is just fueling the suggestion ofhealthproblems forHillary Clinton already running rampant online. It is of great concern to many voters as this woman could quite feasibly be running the country next year.

With Hillary's perceived health problems coupled with the email scandal, her chances of getting behind that desk in the Oval Office may be waning. The latest emailproblems center on the Clinton Foundationreceiving contributions from people she had dealings with while at the State Department. This isn't the most favorable news for the Clinton campaign.

Email troubles

Democracy Now describes how some of the new released emails seem to link the Clinton Foundation to the people who had dealings with the State Department. This latest news raises a question. That question is..."Did companies and countries buy State Department access by donating to the Clinton Foundation?" This is an entirely separate issue from Hillary's possible health problems, but both are equally concerning as she's vying for that seat in the Oval Office.

Lean on me!

#HlllarysStools is trending on the social media sites today and people have a lot to say about this, like the woman above who calls Hillary "so crooked, that she can't even stand up at this point." Again, if she is having health problems, this is nothing to poke fun at, but it is something worth investigating. This is especially concerning now that she's been demonstrating odd behavior out on the campaign trail with many questioning if Hillaryis suffering from convulsions or possibly seizures.

Folks are seeing Hillary break out in strange coughing fits that precede odd facial expressions, suggests Morning News.

Below is one of the handful of videos online that suggest Hillary is suffering from some type of episode as she appears almost giddy right before she jerks her head back and forth several times. These behaviors look strange and it almost looks as if it were an involuntary movement on her part. That video can be seen below:

The picture below started a firestorm of concerns about Hillary's ability to stand up to the stress and long hours of the campaign because once in the White House it gets worse! This picture of Hillary being helped up stairs by staffers went viral this week.

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