Recently Hillary Clinton was haranguing a cheering crowd upon how Donald Trump proposed to cut taxes on the “super-rich,” a standard Democratic attack line in presidential contests. Then she committed the mother of all gaffes when she added, “Well we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you right now, we’re going to write fairer rules for the middle class, and we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!” The crowd, proving perhaps it was not paying attention, cheered even more.

Clinton doubtless did not mean to say that last phrase. While she is no great shakes as a politician, even she remembers what happened to Walter Mondale when he promised to raise taxes.

She has previously promised middle-class tax relief, along with a lot of spending that will make trillion dollar deficits a pleasant memory.

The fact that Clinton made what many people regard as a Freudian slip makes Republicans want to tear their hair. Any other candidate besides Donald Trump would be able to make Hillary regret those words until her last breath. But Trump has made so many blunders, the media can concentrate on those and ignore Hillary Clinton’s threats to despoil the American people even more than they already have.

To be sure. Trump could still right his ship and change the conversation. The promise, however unintended, to raise taxes on everybody should be a prescription for a 50 state blowout.

Add to that the blatant paying of ransom money for Iranian hostages, and the various scandals surrounding the email servers and Benghazi, and the Republicans should be prepared for a historic victory. If Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush were the nominee, what was just described would be the situation.

Maybe things are not as bleak from the Republican point of view as current polling suggests.

Some analysts suspect that the standard models used by pollsters are missing a lot of traditional nonvoters who are eager to turn out for Trump, whom they see as the one candidate who can cleanse the temple of government. Trump has won so far despite himself. Perhaps he will continue to do so.

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