The push is on to see Hillary Clinton's medical recordsafter a picture of the Democratic candidate being helped up a set of stairs by a few staffers has been circulating online. Fox News this weekend had a medical specialist on their show as a guest saying that Hillary is on the drug Coumadin (Warfarin), which is a blood thinner. If this drug is not closely monitored it could be a dangerous medication, adding even more concerns for her capabilities to do the job she's applying for.

Photo of Hillary unstable on her feet

According to WND, a doctorthey interviewedis so dead against the use of this drug, which consists of the same ingredientused to poison rats, has lost his license for refusing to prescribe this medication to his patients.

Dr. David K. Cundiff claims the many dangerous side effects of this medication are more dangerous than Hillary Clinton's blood clots that the medication is treating. This doctor has never treated Clinton.

Mail Online reports how recent polls show that American voters want both presidential candidates to release their medical records. A surprising 62 percent of the Democrat voters want to see the candidates' medical records with only 47 percent of the Republicans polled wanting the records divulged.

Early on-set dementia?

Hillary has allegedly suffered some of the side effects from this medication already, which include blurred vision and confusion. The Inquisitr is reporting documents stating that Hillary is suffering from dementia were leaked online and they allegedly came from a doctor namedLisa Bardack via HillsMedRecordsThe documents allegedly indicate that she was diagnosed with "early onset dementia" three years ago.

If Hillary released her medical records then the media would be dealing with facts and the rumors, if any, would be put to bed. It would also be devastating to her campaign if the reports that she is suffering from dementia turned out to be true.

Medical records for both Trump and Clinton

While many people would not want their medical records to be available for public viewing, both Hillary and Trump are applying for the job of running this country.

This is a job that constitutes long hours, stressful situations, clear thinking and decision making that can effect the entire world, so it is important that the candidates be up for this. On Fox News Sunday they talked about the medicationCoumadin, which is the blood thinner Hillary is on due to a blood clot.

They also showed the picture of Hillary being helped up the steps by two men, one on either side of her, as seen in the video below:

That wasn't a picture that offered evidence that she's in good health, it suggested she was not steady on her feet. According to Breitbart, this help that Hillary needed was either due to "her fragile body" or her "well documented brain injury" causing her to be unsteady on her feet. She was in South Carolina campaigning at the time back in February.

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