Facebook's new trending feature was designed to give Facebook users a glimpse of the most popular news from the day. The concept is similar to Twitter, which shows the number of Tweets about a certain topic. Unfortunately Facebook does not yet have all the bugs worked out and the result today was catastrophic. After getting rid of all the human editors, robots promoted a story that was completely false to a huge audience.

Megyn Kelly story

The story in question was titled 'Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out For Backing Hillary.' That catchy title drew the attention of millionsof readers on Facebook and waspublished on several different sites.

But the website that posted the article was not reputable and cited just one flimsy detail as a reason for Megyn Kelly's demise. Thankfully, several media outlets realized the story was false before anyone confirmed the details of the stories as truth. But the incident did reveal a massive problem that Facebook will face without humans around.

Can Facebook really rely on robots?

This story proves that some humans are needed to at least fact check the most popular news. Otherwise, stories like this and satirical ones will be taken seriously by the robots who have taken the place of human workers. The algorithm currently used by Facebook includes a number of factors including page likes and trending topics.

This feature has actually helped some of my articles extend further out than the number of likes on my Facebook page, especially when a particular topic is trending. But it doesn't mean that I support a Trending feature that utilizes robots to report on fake news stories.


Facebook will now have to seriously consider bringing at least a few human editors back.

This was a catastrophic mistake that could have easily been fixed by a human in a matter of minutes. Instead, Facebook chose to rely solely on robots, something that could have far worse consequences in the future. It might be more expensive, but it's worth it to have Facebook report accurate news stories that are both interesting and engaging.

Next time these ridiculous robots could ruin someone's life and they have already ruined the lives of the human editors who used to work at Facebook.

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