Apparently, Melissa Rae Tomesh decided to follow the example of Lindsay Lohan on parenting. The drunk driver mom was found breastfeeding while passed out behind the wheel of the car.

Do you have to spell it out for these people? Drinking, driving, breastfeeding--which two of these don't fit?

Drunk Melissa Rae Tomesh nursing while passed out

Breastfeeding while driving is dangerous enough. Drinking to the point of passing out--not smart.

Drinking and breastfeeding are even worse. Drinking and driving is illegal and life-threatening.But nursing a child behind the wheel of a car while you are so drunk you're unconscious--it boggles the mind.

Police found the woman off to the side of the road nursing her toddler. So at least she had pulled over.But she was sitting in the driver's seat. And with her molotov cocktail of dysfunctional behavior, who knows if she had actually started out drunk, nursing and driving?

Tomesh was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment.

Hot car dangers: 21 children left in cars have died

Drunk driving and nursing while intoxicated aren't the only ways parents endanger their children. Every year, parents and caregivers endanger kids leaving them in hot cars.

In 2016, 21 children have died of suffocation being left in the car. The number of hot car deaths of children doubled over 2015.

Allyson Poll, 40, of Highland Park, Illinois was charged with child endangerment after leaving her 13-month old baby in the car for 45 minutes while she went shopping.Poll actually called 911 herself when she found the baby crying in the car on her return.

Allyson Poll says she "accidentally" left the baby in the car on a 94-degree day when she went into a store at the Dundee Center.Because the child was okay, Poll was only charged with misdemeanor child endangerment with a $1.500 bond.

Otherhave not been so lucky. A 3-year-old boy in Dallas died when his parents left in the car for Sunday services at Rehoboth Praise Assembly.

The child was in the car for 45 minutes, the same amount of time as the Poll child.

A 4-year-old Pennsylvania girl actually survived all day shut in a hot car last week. She died later at the hospital.

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