Donald Trump important meeting

This meeting was established in haste just before Trump's speech about the issue of illegal immigration in Phoenix, Arizona scheduled for Wednesday evening. Today's meeting will be the second major appearance on the political scene since the campaign began. The first major appearance was in June when on a trip to Scotland, Donald's speech was focused on his reaction regarding Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Donald Trump intentions

Donald Trump said on the social network Twitter that he accepted Mexican president's invitation and looked forward to this meeting.

He hopes that through this meeting to strengthen its position regarding his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who at the moment has a lead in national opinion polls on voter sympathy. The Mexican President also published a post on Twitter saying he hoped that this dialogue with Trump will promote the interests of Mexicans and also will protect them wherever they are in the USA, Mexico or another country.By arranging this meeting, Pena Nieto's popularity has declined dramatically and opposition politicians have reacted with sorrow.

Also, former interior minister Alejandro Poire said that he doesn't understand why the Mexican President wants to be part of Trump's campaign, which insulted them with each appearance and said that Trump is not welcome with a #TrumpNotWelcome hashtag.

Donald Trump promises

Trump promised Americans that if elected on November 8 he will fulfill his promise and build a wall along the southern border with Mexico in order to prevent illegal crossings into the United States.

Also, he firmly highlighted that Mexicans should pay the costs of the wall idea, but Mexican officials have different opinions.

An uncertain future

Mexican President Pena Nieto wanted to publicly display his skepticism about the Trump warning. On June 29 at a conference with U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Canadian Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, about the dangers of populism in a globalized world and he compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

He mentioned that this comparison was made in order to make Americans realize what theconsequencesmight be if the election of Donald Trump for president of the United States occurs.Currently, the 11 million illegal immigrants are wondering what will happen to them and how they will be treated if Donald Trump is elected.

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