When a baby began wailing at a campaign event for Donald Trump on Tuesday in Virginia, trump was quick to try to remind the audience that he is a father first. In the middle of his speech, he broke off to reassure the mother that it was no problem that there was a crying baby while he was speaking.Sounds like a beautiful message from a presidential candidate. He's a father. Trumpknows what it's like to deal with crying babies and it's no problem to him. It's nice for him to see the future of America at his events.All that would be beautiful, if any of it were true. Later in his speech, Trump broke off again to address the mother of the crying child.

Trump faces backlash for his "joke"

Trump supporters have been dismissing his comments on the crying baby as a joke, but not everyone feels the same. Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, said at a rally later that day that he "wonders who the baby was." He later tweeted, "First Trump attacked the Roanoke Hotel. Then a Gold Star VA family. Today, he kicked a baby out of a VA rally. Virginia is not for haters!" Others have taken up the cry that if Trump is unfit to deal with just a crying child, he's unfit as a president.

Scary Mommy, a popular site by and for mothers, wrote an editorial on why we need to judge Trump's character on instances like this. It's not okay for the president to say one thing and then immediately "change his mind" and embarrass his supporters.

Rolling Stone also contributed to the story with an editorial on why bad parents make for very bad presidents.

Rolling Stone writer Jesse Berney cited a story from when Melania Trump was pregnant with Trump's youngest son. When asked if he changed diapers, he replied that he didn't do that because the husband should not "act like the wife." A man that has fathered five children with three women has never changed a diaper.

That should come as no surprise considering that, throughout the Republican National Convention, the nicest story the audience heard from the children was from Tiffany, saying that her father gave her a call when her friend died. All in all, this seems like one more on an already long list of missteps for the GOP nominee.

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