James "Jimmy" McMillan III, once a candidate for Governor of New York in 2010, would have loved it.Jimmy McMillan is best known and remembered as the founder of the Rent is Too Damn High Party, a real New York-based political party. He had been running for political office for years, but became famous with his campaign theme, "The rent is too damn high." Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed billionaire and Republican nominee for President, must have been watching.

Tim Kaine says Trump out for himself

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Hillary Clinton's running mate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, says Trump is only looking out for himself. Sen. Kaine said that since Trump started receiving donations, hejacked up the rent on his campaign space at his Fifth Ave. building.

“Once donors were writing checks to the campaign, Trump said, ‘Wow, I can get more money personally out of this,’ ” Sen. Kaine said in Denver. Reuters reports that Trump raised his own rent from just $35,000 in the month of March, to a 500 percent increase to $170,000 in the month of July, this was according to a new review of Federal Election Commission filings by the online Huffington Post website.

Trump campaign makes false claim about added space

The Trump campaign claims the increase was based on "average office cost per square foot in Midtown Manhattan," and that the price jump was needed because of more space forsignificantly increasing staff.

But that never happened, according to Reuters.In fact, filings showed a smaller staff of 172 in July, compared to 197 staff in the month of March. The FEC filings also show the children of Donald Trump also benefiting financially from the campaign and donations.

Trump has lined his pockets with $7.7 million in campaign contributions

So far, Trump has paid$7.7 million in expenditures from campaign contributions to his own corporate entitiesand his children.In the month of Maythese expenditurestotaled $1.1 million—nearly 20 percent of spending that month—and in the month of July, $800,000 went into the Trump children's coffers.

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