When the news came out that Donald Trump was going to meet Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico, the reaction was shock and surprise by most of the media, and anger from his critics. As Trump arrived in Mexico, all eyes were on what the Republican nominee would say following the meeting.

Trump in Mexico

To kick off his presidential campaign, Trump promised to build a Mexican-funded border wall, deport 11 million illegal immigrants from the United States, and crack down on drugs crossing the border within his first 100 days in office.

White conservatives loved the message, leading him to the Republican nomination last month in Cleveland, Ohio. With Trump's unfavorable poll numbers sitting at over 70 percent with Hispanics, the billionaire real estate mogul recently made campaign changes in an attempt to improve his standing with minorities. As Trump landed in Mexico Wednesday afternoon, he stood side-by-side with Nieto and held a joint press conference following their meeting, as reported by The New York Times on August 31.

After Nieto's comments, Trump addressed reporters in attendance.

The former host of "The Apprentice" broke down his list of important bullet points on immigration. Ending illegal immigration, securing the southern border, breaking up the drug cartels, improving the NAFTA trade deal, and improving jobs in Mexico were his areas of focus. Trump's speech was a drastic shift away from his usual campaign message in both style and tone.

When a reporter asked whether the two spoke about a border wall, Trump replied, "We didn't discuss payment...That'll be for a later date," before quickly deflecting to another topic.

Trump went as far as saying he has "tremendous feeling for Mexican Americans," while citing his history of employing many in the past.

Moving forward

Trump is now on his way back to the United States where he will fly to Phoenix, Arizona to deliver a major speech on immigration.

Reporters have expressed curiosity about whether Trump will stick with his campaign tone during the Phoenix speech, or if it will be in line with what he said in Mexico. Trump is currently trailing Hillary Clinton by over five points nationally, and is behind in swing states that are vital for a presidential candidate to win the election in November.

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