Song Joong-ki who plays captain Yoo Si-jin of a South Korean Special Forces unit, has teamed up with the Descendants of the Sun cast to film something big for the fans.The South Korean heart throb recently added commentary to a director’s cut of Descendants of the Sun. Seven cast member of the mega hit Korean drama Descendants of the Sun reunited for the first time since doing a press conference earlier this year.SuperstarsSong Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji Won also took part in the DVD. Writers and directors of the TV series also added commentary.

The Korean tourism ads

The model and actoris set to play Park Moo-young in Battleship Island, which is slated for a 2017 release.

In the meantime, the South Korean model recently shot a two short Korean Tourism ad for the Korean Tourism Organization. The short ads will have women from all over the world booking tickets to South Korea and the star simply said “Wanna travel Korea with me?” The ads are shot in Descendants of the Sun filming locations Taebaek and Jeongseon in Gangwon-do. According to Yibada, “With Song Joong-ki as the main promotional model and honorary ambassador, he will be taking up the role in promoting Korean tourism actively, worldwide. There are also plans to transform some of the drama filming locations into tourist attractions.”

'Descendants of the Sun' film locations

Another ad has a long shot of the beautiful actorlooking at the beautiful scenery of South Korea with the model and actor inviting fans to come visit his beautiful country.

The South Korean staris an international star and became an ambassador for Korean tourism this year. Tourism is big business in South Korea and due to his Descendants of the Sun popularity the actorattracts many people from across the world to his homeland. Another South Korean superstar actor Lee Min-ho was formally the honorary ambassador of Korean tourism and his ads drew millions of views.

Would Song Joong-Ki surpass Lee Min-ho? Only time will tell and he is off to a good start with his awesome ad campaign.

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