A Strong earthquake hit mountainous parts of central Italy, where over 120 people were feared dead. The quake struck in the early hours of the day, and as the magnitude of 6.2. It is believed that three-quarters of the ancient city of Amatrice were affected by the disaster, while other close by cities like Accumoli not spared in the pathetic earthquake. Many people were buried in the rubbles including children and women. Volunteers and other agencies are busy rescuing victims buried under the debris at various locations in cities hit by the quake.

Tremor felt across Italy, and many people are missing

The large-scale earthquake was felt across Italy, from the north, down to the farthest part of the south, with several aftershocks throughout the country. Many people are still missing in Amatrice, and Accumoli, including three nuns and rescuers, are sweating to free those trapped. Among the trapped were kids and senior citizens. Sadly, a family of father, mother and two young sons perished in Accumoli, even the mayor of Accumoli declared that not a single building in the town is good enough for habitation after the quake, and they have to set up tents for survivors pending the time that solutions will be provided. With over two hundred aftershocks recorded by the institute of geophysics and volcanology, this is arguably one of the worse earthquakes in recent times in the whole of Italy.

People on holiday were affected by the quake

The affected area is mountainous, so it was difficult to access by the rescue team. Those who need shelter have only tents to put up in while many of the people affected were on holiday. There is a need for donors to donate blood in order to be able to meet the medical need of several victims of the quake that throws Italy into mourning.

Appenine mountain range in Italy is prone to earthquakes, for centuries this region suffers tremors and quakes that are similar to what happened today. The foundations of beautiful cities of Perugia and L'Aquila have rooted this sensitive Apennine region.

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