For many of us, clowns are not funny, nor are they considered cheerful icons of a carefree childhood. Consider Steven King’s horror movie, It, and momentarily dispel conjured images of sweet, sad-faced clown, Emmett Kelly, as we follow the story of this very strange clown whose mission is a mystery but whose appearance is sending chills up the anxious spines of Green Bay, Wisconsin residents.

Who is Gags, the Green Bay clown and what does he want?

No one knows, is the answer to both questions. He was first seen Monday, August 1 around 2 am near the intersection of Mason and Adams Streets.

He wears a raggedy jumpsuit and carries four jet-black balloons, which Bob above his heavily made-up clown-face as he somberly walks down the dark city streets. His creepy countenance was captured on video and posted on Facebook, where it has gone viral and received almost 8,000 views.

The local police have their hands tied over the Gags-the-clown incident.

Police have been notified, but there is little if anything they can do about this peculiar occurrence. For local residents, the clown’s presence is like living with an unknown and potentially malevolent force that has the power to cause harm somehow to those who cross his path.

If that sounds like a potential theme to a horror film, so does Gags the clown, whose name and who gave it to him is also a mystery.

According to Captain Kevin Wary, from the Green Bay Police Department: “ A person can walk down the sidewalk dressed however they want. As long as they’re in a place where they legally can be and they’re not in a place that has a closing time, like a park, they can be there dressed however they want.”

Residents of Green Bay are frightened and angry about Gags the Green Bay clown.

The clown has never been seen in daylight hours, so the chances of him scaring children are small.

Nevertheless, some people have expressed anger over his eerie presence in their town. On the Facebook page, one contributor wrote: “This is how people get hurt. It may be a harmless prank, and I'm all for the banter, but bloody hell, if this geezer approached me, he'd be swallowing teeth.”

Whoever he is and whatever his strange mission, Gags the clown is not welcome in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is hoped that he will find another place, hopefully in someone’s quiet nightmare, to aimlessly patrol town streets with his black balloons and grotesque face.

Sometimes, there aren’t answers, and in this case, that is probably a ‘good thing’, as Martha Stewart used to say, because the questions themselves are scary enough.

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