Is a sad experience, despite Canada's position as a leading nation in the world, that Canadian indigenous population is a soft target of sex trafficking monsters. The aborigines are merely 4% of the total population, however, their women and under daughters are victims of human trafficking to China and sold as brides while others were sex workers.

The rescued girls in safe houses in Winnipeg and other parts of Manitoba are minors who were naïve at the time they were kidnapped.Innocent indigenous girls are soft targets of trafficking.Some of the girls fell victims and trafficked for sex at tender ages; some were as young as 11 years old when their captors kidnaped them.

It is sad that minority indigenous population of 4% suffers more than 50% of the total sex trafficking cases recorded yearly in Canada. This is attributed to poverty, abuse, neglect and worse of all, racism.

Canada: a free nation inracial bondage

Canada is supposed to be a free nation, but racism against the indigenous people, especially girls, and women is on the rise and calls for concern in a nation that portrays racial equality and tribals tolerance. Violence and exploitation are demons indigenous people must contend with in their native land. Abuse and violence against the weak aborigines cumulated in sex trafficking which is fast becoming a nuisance to the Canadian authorities.

Exploitation on the streets is also common, even in Winnipeg and other cities.

The unfortunate girls were first lured into taking drugs before systematically introducing them to serial sex.There is debt bondage of several thousand of dollars expected from each girl on a daily basis.

These poor girls must hand over to their captors, or else worse fate may befall them. They are poor, helpless, and their agonies are a common story in the society, with local police trying to unravel the source of the syndicate groups running the streets to enslave the indigenous girls.

Police fighting hard to eradicate kidnapping

Law enforcement is taking steps to address the social menace in a myriad of ways. With teams dedicated to outreach to be on the look at night to know are on the streets at such ungodly hours.

The years of neglect and abuse may affect the indigenous people of Canada to heal and move on with their lives, however, the government of Canada is about to launch an inquiry to why indigenous Canadian are worse hit by trafficking.

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