France is mourning.

The attempt that occurred in Nice, in the southeast of France, which ended with 80 deaths, including children, started a wave of indignation among leaders from all over the world. The French president Francois Hollande believes that the attack which took place cannot be regarded otherwise than as a terrorist attack, a monstrous act, as the entire country is threatened by Islamic terrorism. As a follow-up, the emergency state was extended by three months. It had been scheduled to end on the 26th of July.

The Prime Minister Manuel Valls posted on Twitter, stating that Nice was hit by a terrorist strike during France’s National day. Since this horrifying attack, the country is mourning. However, France plans to resist the terror caused by the unfortunate event.

Many leaders around the world commended.

The President of the United States Barack Obama stated that after such a horrific terrorist attack, America is in solidarity with France, as they are one of the country’s oldest allies. 15 states, members of the UN Security Council, have qualified, with the strongest terms, the terrorist attack as barbaric and coward.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, who had witnessed the 14th of July’s military parade earlier in the day in Paris, declared that it had been a frightening attack against innocent people organized exactly when the citizens were celebrating freedom, equality, and fraternity. The Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau commented via his Twitter account, mentioning that the Canadians are confused.

The new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, wanted to be informed about the terrible incident that happened at Nice, stating that she was shocked and worried. The Brazilian President, Michel Temer, considered the attack as abject and scandalous, committed against innocent people who had at that time been celebrating the highest universal values, such as the freedom of peoples, equality between citizens and fraternity.

The Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto expressed his solidarity, while his Columbian counterpart, Juan Manuel Santos, said he rejected any form of violence. The European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Frenchman Pierre Moscovici, posted on his Twitter account that the horror struck France again on the 14th of July while expressing his sadness for the victims.

Francois’ actions.

The AFP wrote that the French President, Francois Hollande, declared that the emergency state had been extended by three months and he also assured the people that the country would intensify the actions in Iraq and Syria.

He also announced his decision to call in reservists in order to assure protection after the attack that resulted in 80 deaths.

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