As the news that Team Trump is finally starting to vet potential vice presidential running mates has come out, two names have risen to the top, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Both men have their strengths and weaknesses.

Christie, the governor of New Jersey, comes from a blue state and has some influence in neighboring Pennsylvania. He has governing experience which would make him a good advisor for Trump and a bombastic personality that suits him as a perfect attack dog that is the traditional role of a running mate.

However, Christie is none too popular in the state he governs right now and has been tainted by the bridge closing scandal. Also, he is a former presidential candidate whose has said some unkind things about Trump, which could get played in Hillary Clinton campaign commercials.

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, is one of the most significant political figures of the last few decades. He has congressional experience, crucial for a Trump administration. He is a veritable fountain of new ideas, such as the much-maligned moon base, that might add some intellectual heft for Trump.

He is a solid conservative and might be able to calm fears on the right about the candidate on the top of the ticket.

But Gingrich has, from time to time, shown a lack of discipline. He can jump from one theme to the other with dizzying speed. Gingrich is also the one Republican politician who could overshadow Trump, something that would seem to be hard to do. He is also in his 70s, which does not provide a sense of balance to the ticket with youth and vigor.

Of course, Christie and Gingrich could constitute a head fake, an attempt to distract the media so that when the real running mate is selected it will be a surprise. If nothing else, the Trump campaign relies heavily on drama and the unexpected. Team Trump could choose a younger office holder or someone from the private sector, like Trump. In any case, the speculation takes the media away from the candidate’s recent missteps, a good thing from the perspective of the campaign.

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