Besides Pokemon Go being used as a tool for several armed robberies, this free Pokemon Go app is stirring up more problems today as this game sends people to real-life locations and at some of these locations they are not welcomed. The Pokemon Go app went live on July 6 and it has already hit the number one spot on the list of Apple'smostdownloaded iPhone and iPad apps of July 2016. To say that it is wildly popular would only be an understatement.

Pokemon Go used to lure them in

It didn't take long for the criminal element to figure out a way to use the Pokemon Go app to lure people to dark and desolate places using the game's"beacon" function.

The police in the city of O'Fallon, Missouri, arrested armed robbers who had taken advantage of the game's accurate GPS system. The O'Fallon Police Department report thata group of four men had lured unsuspecting players of this game to a specific place by using the Pokemon Go app and when these players arrived at this destination they were robbed at gun point.

This was not an isolated incident as the police statement noted that similar lured robberies took place at neighboringSt. Louis and St. Charles counties. So far this ploy was used to rob eight or nine people who believed they were just playing the game. The Pokemon Go gamerequires the players to walk to an exact point in the real-world and it logs you in at that point.

This allows you to interact with its "Gyms" and get items from "Pokestops."

The real Pokemon Go monsters

To make a Pokestop more appealing players can use items that are either found in the game or purchased in the real-world with real money. The goal for doing this is to attract more collectible and lucrative Pokémon monsters.

You can add a "beacon" to the Pokemon game so that it lures in more players. This is what happened in the case now being investigated by the O'Fallon Police Department along with the other armed robberies in the area. The suspects were allegedly using the Pokemon Go app to lure people to places where these high-tech robbersdemanded their personal belongings.

House designated as Pokemon Go 'Gym'

On the heels of these armed robberies, which can happen anywhere folks are playing this game, some poor guy had his home deemed as a "Gym" in the Pokemon Go game. The Independent reports that Boon Sheridan lives in an old church that was remodeled into a home 40 years ago. It looks like the Pokemon Go app is using an old map because it designated that church as a "Gym" for the game. Pokemon only uses public places for the destinations in this game, so the house must still have been tagged as a church on the map they used.

Because the GPS system is so accurate, people had to come close enough to his house (the old church) for it to register on the GPS system.

Now he has people loitering around his house with some even coming right up to his door for that location to register for the game. Apparently the GPS system varies for each type of Smartphone as some need to come up to his porch, where he sees others sitting on the bench at the park across the street until they've been there long enough to satisfy this app!

Pokemon pilgrimage to some poor guy's house

Sheridan took to Twitter to write, "Living in an old church means many things. Today it means my house is a Pokemon Go gym. This should be fascinating." People show up at his house like they are on a pilgrimage and there's nothing he can do about this. His concerns lie way beyond privacy issues. With the scores of people hanging around his house and cars just idling along the street, he is worried someone will mistake his home as a drug dealer's place with all these strangers coming and going.

The traffic has picked up in this usually quiet neighborhood and he is concerned his neighbors will start to get irritated. Looking at the bigger picture, there are parts of the nation that allow people to shoot trespassers, said Sheridan. This could lead to deadly consequences for players.

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