Friday wasn't a very good day forvoter ID laws.The 4th Circuit of Appeals recently overturned North Carolina's voter ID law, citing it as discriminatory. Now a judge has overturned significant portions of Wisconsin'slaw as well.

Voter ID remains on the books

UnlikeNorth Carolina,which had itslaw struck down entirely, the Wisconsin law remains on the books. However, the ruling strikes down fairly significant portions of thevoter ID lawand some previous election laws thatRepublicansput in place.Proponents say that they were there to preserve the integrity of elections. Opponents say that the laws were put in place to depress minority and student turnout.

U.S. District Judge James Peterson, an appointee of President Obama, agreed with the latter point.

There are several points addressed. For starters, anyone who applies for a free ID must be granted one in 30 days, Secondly a portion of the law that limits cities to only having one early voting location is gone. Peterson wrote that its purpose was to suppress minority turnout. In a big city like Milwaukeehaving only one early voting location would be a major logistical problem. It also restores early voting. The law had eliminated weekend voting, popular among working class people and students. The other major point, though there are numerous others, was that students with an expired student ID can use that as their IDthe same way people use expired driver's licenses.

Voter ID proponents will fight on

Unlike inNorth Carolinawhere the only option for the is now theSupreme Court,the state can go to their higher court, the 7th Circuit Appeals Court. Chances are there will be a ruling by them before the general election. The court has been sharply divided. In 2014 when they first ruled on the law,they split 5-5 which left the law in tact.Proponents such asAssembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) said that Peterson overstepped his authority.The voter ID lawas originally written will be intact for the Aug.

9th primary.

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