One of the weirdest and in some ways most annoying conspiracy theories floating around is the idea that the government faked the moon landings. The theory has been debunked so thoroughly and by so many people, most famously the Mythbusters, that one should hardly be bothered revisiting it. However, Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of the famed film director Stanley Kubrick, weighed in on the matter on the occasion of NASA’s Juno’s arrival to orbit around Jupiter. Ms. Kubrick’s involvement stems from the idea advanced by some conspiracy theorists that her father was in charge of the fakery. After all, he made one of the greatest Space films of all time, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, so doing a fake moon landing should have been easy (though truth to tell, it would have been impossible using 1960s video technology.)


Kubrick’s rebuttal is based on her knowledge of Stanley Kubrick as a man of high artistic integrity and moral compass. Kubrick would not have conspired with the United States government to perpetrate a betrayal of the world because he would have found such an act to be morally repugnant. She termed the idea a “grotesque lie.”

Vivian Kubrick, by the way, is best known for playing the cute as a button girl who asked her father, Heyward Floyd, for a bush baby while on videophone hookup between Earth and Space Station V. She appeared in a number of other uncredited cameos in Stanley Kubrick’s films.

Of all the conspiracy theories that exist, the most puzzling one is moon lander trutherism. Nazis would naturally deny the Holocaust.

People who hate George W. Bush are sure that 9/11 was an “inside job.” Individuals who think Barack Obama should not be president insist he was born in Kenya (though that wouldn’t make any difference as his mother was a natural born American.) But the moon landings constituted the greatest feat every undertaken by human beings in the history of civilization.

Why would anyone want to think they were fakes, leaving aside the overwhelming evidence that they really happened.

Vivian Kubrick has done history a service by providing another argument against the moon landing hoax theorists. Not that her rebuttal will impress any of the people who believe such things.

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