New York Police are investigating an explosion in Central Park that mutilated a man and nearly cost him his leg.

What Happened in Central Park?

The victim has been identified as Connor Golden, an 18-year-old college student who had been visiting the New York park from Fairfax, Virginia, and was with two friends. The incident occurred around noon, and the three friends had jumped off a rock in the park when the explosion occurred, with the victim stepping on the explosive device. Only one of the three men is believed to have been injured, and was taken to Bellevue Hospital, which is located in New York City, where he is said to be in a serious, yet stable, condition.

In addition, police have said that the three men are not considered suspects in the investigation and are not believed to have created the device. Reportedly, nearby witnesses claimed that the explosion sounded like a “cannon.”

Current police theories.

It was originally believed that the incident was the result of toying with fireworks or perhaps some experiment with explosives, especially due to the timeliness of the incident, as it is near theFourth of July holiday, but investigators now believe that is not necessarily the case, although police have said that there is also no evidence that there are any ties to the explosion with terrorism.

According to estimates, the explosive device had been in the park for around a day.

Although the victim was injured by stepping on the device, in all likeliness, it probably was not designed to explode upon being stepped on. It is possible that the device had been abandoned after a failed attempt to get it to work. Adding to that theory, a matchbook was found in the nearby area.

What happens now?

The explosive material is currently being studied in a bomb lab. The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force is also said to be helping with the investigation.

The park will remain open to the public except for the area where the explosion occurred. It is currently believed that police are searching the area, and employing dogs to help sniff out other devices.

Other explosives have not been found in the surrounding area of the incident that has been closed off, but it is currently unconfirmed whether proper investigation has found the rest of the park to be clear.

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