Bill Clinton gave Donald Trump plenty to work with when attempting to show just how tired, with the emphasis on "tired," people are of Hillary Clinton's "lies." In Trump's new Campaign ad he shows Bill Clinton dozing during Hillary's acceptance speech at the DNC.

Disinterested men in Hillary's life.

Trump's campaign ad shows Bill sitting next to Hillary's running mate, Tim Kaine, who quite frankly didn't look all that involved in what Hillary had to say either. Bill had his eyes closed and his head was drifting downward, Politico points out.As you can see in the picture,Kaine was looking down instead of up at the podium where Hillary was doing her thing.

At the present moment these are the two most important men in the career life of Hillary Clinton and neither showed much enthusiasm for what she had to say. This mirrors what a chunk of the nation is feeling these days when it comes to the first woman ever to secure the position of Republican candidate for president... can you actually trust what she is saying?

Wasn't wind surfing, but it worked.

Fox and Friends Weekend on Sunday morning did a segment on campaign ads over the years and an expert discussed what was helpful to the candidate and what was not.

They showed a clip of John Kerry when his opponent created the windsurfing ad which worked against him just as it was created to do. How will Bill cat napping do for Trump? It works to emphasis the point he is making, which is how folks are not bothering to listen to herbecause they can't be sure its the truth.

Bill's bobblehead.

Trump's ad has a serious message, but it does conjure some humor as you watch Bill's head slowly drift down with his eyes closed.

The music playing in this ad is the type of tune that would play when a clown came into the big top at the circus, really setting a mood!

This didn't say much for Bill's support for Hillary as this was such an important time in her life, where he should have been front and center... and most definitely awake! Not only was it the first time in history that a woman offered up an acceptance speech as a political party's nominee for presidential candidate, it was also one the most important speeches that his wife has made to date.

It could be the biggest speech she'll ever make if she doesn't get into the Oval Office.

Baron Trump did better job than Bill.

Bill couldn't have picked a more inopportune time to nod off on Hillary! During his GOP acceptance speech Donald Trump's 10-year-old son, Baron, put up a fight not to fall asleep as his dad gave his 75 minute speech at the RNC.

Baron yawned, wiped his eyes and changed positionseveral times as he put up one heck of a fight to keep his eyes open. There's even an endearing photo that came out of that scene that shows mom Melania Trump giving him a stern mom look to stop fidgeting.

That little guy is only 10 and it was way past his bed time, which is a line Bill Clinton can't use for an excuse. At 10-years-old Baron knew how important it was to stay awake as his dad gave a very important speech. Baron gave up such a fight in comparison to Bill, who just gave in to a cat nap. It looks like Baron had more stamina thanBill in that battle!

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