Donald Trump has a slight lead over Hillary Clinton, according to two national polls released Tuesday. The Los Angeles Times reported that Trump leads Clinton, 43-42%in a two-way battle for the White House. The Times poll claims a margin of error of plus or minus three points, meaning that if the poll is basically accurate, either of the two may have a slight lead.

Trump leads in four-way race

An NBC poll released Tuesday shows Trump leading with 40%in a four-way race, with Clinton pulling 39% support, Libertarian Gary Johnson attracting 10% and presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein with 5%.

The poll claims a margin of error of plus or minus 1.4%.

How the polls are rated

Both polls receive high marks from Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website. According to Silver, an analysis of 40 Los Angeles Times polls showed the newspaper’s pollsters had predicted called 86% of races correctly with a simple average error of 5.2%. Silver gives the Times polls a grade of A-.

NBC respected, SurveyMonkey not as much

Silver also gives NBC a grade of A- when it teams with the Wall Street Journal for polling projects. The survey released on Tuesday was the result of NBC teaming with SurveyMonkey. Silver rates SurveyMonkey much lower, with a grade of C-. In the 11 polls it analyzed, showing a simple average error of 11.2 points.

A frustrating four years for a president?

Polls conducted by several news and polling agencies show that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to be unusually unpopular for general election candidates. The November polling results may be influenced a great deal by voters deciding which of the two is the less repulsive.

With the popularity of many American institutions at historic lows, it may be that neither candidate will be successful in governing. With a general dislike of both candidates and Congress, it may be that whichever the two is elected, they will face several years of citizen discontent and ballot box rebellions.

National tickets are almost finalized

The Republican National Convention began Monday and has confirmed Donald Trump for president and Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana as vice president. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee when the Democratic National Convention gets under way next Monday. Clinton has not announced a preferred running mate. Johnson was nominated in May with former Gov. William Weld of Massachusetts as his running mate. The Green Party convention is in August.

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