Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren has both fans and foes all tied up in knots after she made some inflammatory remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement. In a tweet that has since been deleting, Tomi called BLM the "new KKK."

Soon after posting the upsetting tweet, media critic David Zurawik responded. Lahren and Zurawik faced off on CNN during a live segment where she attempted to defend the KKK reference. To which Zurawik told Lahren that she went too far.

Tomi Lahren vs. Black Lives Matter

"'Meet the new KKK, they call themselves 'Black Lives Matter' but make no mistake their goals are far from equality," is what the tweet written by Tomi Lahren said.

Zurawick went on to tell Tomi Lahren that her statement was reckless and that he wished her employer thought so as well. The famous media critic isn't the only person who was horrified with Tomi's opinion.

The 23-year old who gained notoriety as a conservative millennial commentator defended her right to make inflammatory statements like the one she made comparing BLMto the KKK. She argued in response to Zurawick's claims that she was a commentator and not a journalist. As a commentator, Tomi Lahren feels like she has the right to spread information about movements like Black Lives Matter without backing up her claims.

Tomi apparently ignored that the BLM official website has a mission statement on it. Their mission statement makes it clear that the whole point of BLM is to "advocate for dignity, justice, and respect for Black Americans.

It is a modern day civil rights movement, born out of the disproportionatenumber of Black men who are killed by police officers, especially in cases where another race may not have been targeted or treated the same.

Calls for Tomi Lahren's firing

In response to Tomi Lahren's tweet, many on social media have been calling for her firing. Others just chalked the tweet up to another Tomi outburst.

After all, The Blazecommentator often says things that make liberals furious ranging, from her harsh criticism of Obama to her comparison of BLM to the KKK.

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