Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia seems to have stumbled just a little coming out of the gate as Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate. The far left of the Democratic Party, as expected, have excoriated him as being too centrist. However, the fact that as lieutenant governor and then governor of Virginia he accepted $201,600 in gifts from various friends, business associates, and political allies. At the time, an officeholder in Virginia could take unlimited gifts as long as they were disclosed.

Kaine seems to have followed the law at the time, and no evidence exists of a quid pro quo. However, to use the common political phrase, he has an appearance of impropriety.

Donald Trump, quite gleefully, as a new nickname for Kaine “Corrupt Tim.” The spectacle of a sitting governor of a major state accepting gifts from just about anyone is likely to be aired during the campaign.

Kaine’s voting record while in the Senate has also become subject to scrutiny and has started to cut against his reputation as a centrist.

He supported the nuclear weapons deal with Iran, something that will come back the haunt him as that country has cheated on the agreement since. He is for “common sense” gun control, for the Affordable Care Act also called Obamacare, for tax increases, and voted against a bill to approve the Keystone Pipeline.

Kaine may be caught in the middle of a bipartisan crossfire. The Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is already attacking him for being insufficiently liberal.

Meanwhile he is vulnerable from the other side, not just for some of the stands he has taken since entering the Senate in 2013, but for the enormous amounts of largess that he got as governor from friends and associates.

Kaine’s status as Hillary Clinton’s running mate has caused him to execute his first flip flop. As late as the day before he was named he spoke for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The day after Kaine was announced, he turned against it.

Trade is one of Donald Trump’s signature issues and has helped him become the Republican nominee. Trade looks like it could become a liability for Tim Kaine and, by extension, Hillary Clinton.

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