Three men in Norfolk, Virginia have been hospitalized after being shot while they sat in a car, streaming live video on Facebook. The three men in the video, all in their late 20s, seemed to be sharing the video for fun as they hung out in the car and can be seen texting and rapping along to a song that's playing. Not long after they begin sharing the video, gunshots are heard in the background and bullets tear through the car. As the gunshots continue, the driver whips his head around and appears to get hit, dropping the phone but still recording video. The video is now being used as evidence in an investigation into a triple shooting.

Handling 'live' crime evidence

The shooting in Norfolk comes after another big story involving Facebook live streaming, which was the shooting of Philando Castile by police last week in Minnesota. Castile, who was shot by an officer while reaching for his identification, was filmed live by his girlfriend in the passenger seat after being shot four times. Castile was shown slumped to the side, bleeding heavily and losing consciousness while his girlfriend narrated the events as they unfolded. Uncertainty regarding how to handle the video mixed with its explicit nature led Facebook to remove it, causing backlash from all over the country.

Live streaming via social media has only recently become a method of documenting Crime in America, leaving both investigators and social media service providers unsure of how to handle the new phenomenon.

In the Castile video, the camera keeps recording long after Castile's shooting, documenting his girlfriend's arrest, as well as the behavior of the cops responding to the situation. The Norfolk video not only captures the aftermath, but also the entire crime andthe shooting of all three passengers of the car.

The video continues on for about an hour, documenting everything from the immediate aftermath where witnesses try to assist the men, to the last of the men being taken out by the paramedics. In the video you can hear roughly thirty gunshots in twenty seconds before they stop, and one of the paramedics counts at least five bullet wounds in the man who was hit the most.

All three men remain hospitalized, with one in critical condition. The other two are said to be "doing better" as of July 13th.

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