The failed army coup in Turkey last Friday has led to several arrests. Among those arrested are the army people, police, judiciary, people from the intelligence agency, and even people from universities and schools. The arrested people also include religious authorities. The aftermath of the failed coup has affected almost 35,000 public servants.

The government spokesman insisted that the crackdown carried out by the government was within the boundaries of the rule of law. In the most recent development, there were 15,000 employees fired from the education ministry. 257 people were fired from the Prime Minister’s office.

There were also 492 clerics fired at the directorate for the religious affairs. Apart from that, there are additional 1,500 university deans who have been asked to resign.

The mass sacking of all of these people followed the firing of about 8,800 policemen and arresting of 6,000 soldiers. Among those sacked before were 2,700 judges and prosecutors. There were dozens of governors and more than 100 generals among the people fired.

There has been some pressure on the websites and media

There are about twenty News websites that criticized the government. These websites have been blocked because of their content. The government has justified all of the arrests by saying that the operation carried out by the government is legitimate.

The only purpose of the operation is to safeguard the country after a failed attempt to overthrow the elected government.

The government has claimed that the people who were fired or arrested have links to Fetullah Gulen. Gulen is a US-based Islamic cleric and he has been accused by the government of organizing the coup.

The attempted coup has left more than 300 people dead. The Turkish government has announced that they have prepared a dossier. This dossier will be sent to the US government in expectations of the extradition of Gulen.

The large scale of arrests and sackings has created a lot of fear

John Earnest, White House press secretary said that the documents sent by Turkish government will be reviewed and then they will determine whether they fulfill the requirements for a formal extradition request.It is feared that President Erdoganis using the situation for his own benefit and is settling scores with anyone who is thought to pose any threat to the government.

It is feared that people are not being punished for their involvement in the coup but because they are some sort of threat to the Erdogan government.

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