One of the shooters of Police officers has been confirmed to be a US armed force veteran. He was killed by Dallas police after the expert rifleman slayings of five officers. It has been confirmed bu auhtorities that he had amassed an individual stockpile at his rural home, including bomb-production materials, bulletproof vests, rifles, ammunition and a diary of battle strategies.

Man identified as Micah Johnson.

It was reported by Dallas Police that the man identified as 25-year-old Micah Johnson told authorities that he was vexed regarding the police shootings of two African Americans not long ago and needed to annihilate whites, "particularly white officers." Johnson was from the Dallas suburb of Mesquite and his claim to fame was in carpentry and brickwork.

He served in the US armed forces for a long time and began his service in 2009. He did one visit to Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014, the military said. Police say investigations have also been focussing onTennessee, Georgia, and Missouri, where the assault in Tennessee happened hours before the one in Dallas. Two officers were injured, with one of them suffering only a minor injury.

Attack termed as an 'ambush'

The assault, which city authorities named an "ambush," happened toward the end of a protest against the shooting and killing of two African American men by white Police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana earlier this week. The shooter told officers he was "steamed" about recent police shootings, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.

"Unfortunately, we can expect more of these attack as long as officers use poor judgment and lack of conflict training."

Shooter was a trained military gunman.

The U.S. military has confirmed the shooter was a previous Army Reservist who served in Afghanistan. Three other individuals, who have not been named, were detained regarding the assault.

Cornered by Police after the ambush, Johnson told an arbitrator he needed "to kill white individuals, particularly white (police) officers," and said he was "acting alone" and was unaffiliated with any movements, Brown said at a News meeting Friday. Johnson was then killed by police in a robot operation which detonated his own explosives after negotiations failed.

Chief says attack was thoroughly planned.

Later in the day, Brown said the investigation had "uncovered to us this was an all around arranged, thoroughly planned, abhorrent disaster." He concluded by saying they would not rest until everybody was accounted for and all avenues explored. Seven other Police officers and two civilians were injured in the assault, the city's Chairman said Friday morning. A legal counselor for five of the injured officers told the New York Times that those officers were likely to recuperate.

Many peple are praying for the dead police officers families and for those whose deaths sparked off the original incident.

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