A few days have now passed since the shootings in Dallas, TX. However, Texas has made news again, this time the Governor, Greg Abbott, “sustained ‘extensive second and third-degree burns’ on both legs below the knees and both feet…” according to cbsnews.com. CBS news reports that he was treated at a nearby hospital in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He was vacationing with his family when he came in contact with some hot water.

What happened?

Matt Hirsch, Abbott’s spokesperson, stated that “The only hint anything was wrong…was that the governor was wearing orthopedic shoes that his staff purchased that morning…” The governor felt the need to make sure he came back to Texas in the aftermath of all the shootings.

He was advised against traveling (Dallas Morning News). According to Politico, Gov. Abbott wanted to keep this accident under wraps due to the Dallas shootings. He did not feel it needed to be brought to light among all the hurt and heartache the entire city had been feeling.

Governor Abbott is expected to make a full recovery from the burns, but will still remain in a wheelchair from an accident that happened back in 1984 when a tree fell on him. Surgery is not something Governor Abbott will need right away, but it is a possibility in which he will know more after meeting with the surgeons later this week. Politico reports that Governor Abbott’s work load might be lessened in the weeks to come to encourage his healing, but only time will tell.

The major concern that has everyone up in the air is the fact that Gov. Abbott may not be able to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Gov. Abbott is “…the chairman for Texas’ delegation to the Republican convention.” (CBSnews.com)

Brief history

In January 2015, Abbott became Texas’ Republican Governor “…pledging to fight the Obama administration over border security and grow the state's $1.4 trillion a year economy” (Reuters January 20, 2015 article).

Abbott is a devout Christian and took office after Rick Perry was in office.Since this news broke, it is safe to say, Rep. Gov. Abbott will still ensure he receives the care as needed and his state will receive the care as needed.

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