Ted Cruz couldn't have done much more to share his disdain for DonaldTrump other than coming right out and shouting it last night. He blatantly stood on the RNCstage with a coy grin andconveyed to the crowd that they should "vote their conscience." Many took this as an encrypted message from Cruz suggesting they vote for anyone else but Donald Trump. Others saw this as a selfish act by a man who just can't let the past go. He did a great job at suggesting people not vote for Trump without saying those words.

The boos spiked, but he didn't seem to mind them, again his defiant grin said it all.

Cruz denied access to suite.

He instantly did himself in, as he continued to see the repercussions of his selfish deed through the night and into Thursday with the headlines in the news not holding him in a favorable light. "Ted Cruz is never going to be president now," writes CBS News.Right after he came down from the stage he walked over to the luxury suite of former U.S. Senator and billionaire Sheldon Adleson and he was adamantly turned away.

Sheldon said that Cruz wasn't welcome in the suite "because he's a piece of sh*t," and several people from Sheldon's camp met him at the door and denied him entry, reports the Independent Journal today. Sheldon was letting him know how he felt about what he had just witnessed, an extremely selfish move against the Republican Party andDonald Trump.

His own private joke?

When it came to the point in Cruz's speech that seemed tailor-made for the Trump endorsement to slide in between his lines, his facial expression turned into a grin as if he was enjoying a private joke and he said:

“And to those listening, please, don’t stay home in November.

Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

Cruz will 'never be president'

Chances are he will remember those words for a long time because they may have done away with any chance of an advancement in his future political career. Many believe that one paragraph, in which he failed to mention "vote for Trump," has taken any chance ofCruzstepping into the Oval Office as the winning candidate in a future campaign.

He made such a big deal over a pledge to support the GOP's choice of candidates and he broke that pledge.

Trump has last laugh.

"Fox and Friends" points out how Cruz's ploy of coming to the RNC and not supporting the GOP candidate backfired tremendously on the Senator from Texas. The Trump campaign knew all along that Cruz wasn't going to endorse Trump, sowhat they did was "give him enough rope" and it worked. Cruz looked like a selfish man who was defiant because he had an agenda all his own.

As he was booed off the stage, Donald Trump was waiting in the wings and he came out waving to the crowd as they turned their back on Cruz.

Many across the morning news shows on Thursday believe Cruz was endorsing himself for a future campaign, but instead of meeting that goal he committed political suicide with the RNC speech.

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