For the last seven decades, Area 51 has remained an enigma within the American psyche. Shrouded in mystery and controversy, there are few if any who really know what really lies beneath the myth. Many speculate, while others won’t even contemplate an alien presence. But now, someone in authority has come forward and the world is forced to at least listen to that which many of us will probably never be ready to hear.

Major Bowden addresses school children on the topic of aliens and Area 51

NASA Administrator Major Charles Bowden was speaking to a group of school children when a ten-year-old girl asked him about the existence of life on other planets.

He answered without hesitation: “I do believe that we will some day find other forms of life or a form of life, if not in our solar system then in...the billions of solar systems in the universe.”

Major Bowden told the children that it is more than likely that aliens are out there and then he brought up the subject of Area 51, a military base in the Nevada desert where some claim bodies from an flying saucer crash have been kept secret for all these years. Whether true or not, it is interesting to note that Area 51 is so controversial that its existence was not officially recognized until 2013.

There are some speculations concerning Area 51

Theories abound about what has come to be known as the Roswell Incident. But speculations aside, there are even wilder accusations that suggest that the US Air Force, aided by NASA are using these aliens to help them understand and harness their superior technology.

While it did look as if the NASA administrator might finally say something new and truly astounding concerning evidence about extra terrestrials in our midst, he suddenly waffled and concluded by saying that Area 51 is simply a normal research and development facility for the US military.

Theory and truth still veiled concerning aliens and Area 51

Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist, recently made the statement that “within a decade, we could have strong indications of life beyond Earth.”Conspiracy theorists claim aliens have been here for a very long time and that the pervasive cover-up must be exposed. Will NASA or the US government ever admit that alien life exists?

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