In a development that ought to be of concern to the United States and her allies, Russia and China have started to forge a Space exploration alliance, according to a recent article in Forbes. Joint missions to the Moon and Mars are under discussion between Moscow and Beijing.

The alliance makes a lot of sense from the point of view of both countries. Russia and China have aspirations to send people to the moon and eventually to Mars. Russia has a lot of technical expertise and experience in space flight, but no money for an ambitious space program.

China has the resources and has scored a number of impressive space missions, including a rover on the surface of the moon and a number of crewed spaceflights. Together, the two countries would make an impressive space power.

The United States, on the other hand, is still suffering from what is increasingly being seen as the ill-advised cancellation of the Constellation program. A number of allied countries, which have partnered with the United States in other space projects such as the International Space Station, had been eager to participate in deep space exploration, going back to the moon and then to Mars.

They were blindsided by Obama’s abrupt and unforeseen decision to end the program. America was thus seen by much of the world as an unreliable space partner under the current president.

The next president, whomever that person is, will have to revamp America’s space program and forge partnerships with American allies and commercial entities. He or she will have to do so under the prospect of a new international space race between a coalition led by the United States and the Russian Chinese axis.

A space partnership with either Russia or China or both is not in America’s best interests at this time. With the two countries pursuing imperialist agendas on Earth, bringing them into conflict with the rest of the world, joint space missions are not likely to be successful. However, the prospect of such a partnership could be dangled in front of Russia and China in exchange for those two countries pursuing a more peaceful policy on planet Earth.

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