If there is anything that won’t be protested on the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, it’s difficult to know what it is. Dozens of organizations have been issued permits by the city of Cleveland to stage protests, march and speak during the four-day Republican National Convention.

From the frivolous to groups that are raising concerns with city officials about possible violence, Cleveland will see it all. Here’s just a partial list of some of the groups and their activities.

Protesters ready.

The Coalition to Stop Trump will kick off things at Noon on Monday with a demonstration expected, according to organizers to involve 40 trade unions, immigrant rights groups, anti-war organizations and students.

Mick Kelly of the Stop Trump campaign told told reporters,“People have already begun arriving from as far as Florida, and we expect to have a large family friendly protest that is truly national in scope.”

Organize Ohio uses community organizing as its means to bring about progressive change in the state. The group is expecting thousand to attend its “End Poverty Now!” rally and march on Monday at 1 p.m. With concerns for maintaining a peaceful rally, Executive Director Larry Bressler told U.S. News and World Report, “We’re asking everyone who comes to town to respect our city.”

Workers rights and income equality groups.

Making Change at Walmart is an organization that is attempts to get Walmart to raise wages and benefits for its workers.

The group was attempting to get Walmart to withdraw its financial support for the Republican National Convention and Donald Trump.

The Patriotic Millionaires is a group of 200 Americans with incomes over $1 million and assets of at least $5 million that calls the growing economic inequality in the U.S.

“dangerous and immoral.” The group that lobbies congress has supported raising the minimum wage to $15 and uses as its tag phrase “Tax Us. Please!”

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter, begun in 2012 after 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot, is working for the “validity of Black life [and] … to (re)bulid the Black liberation movement.” The group however has not applied for a permit from the city to protest.

An organizer from the group’s Cleveland chapter told USA Today, ““Applying for the right to protest takes away from the spirit of the protest movement.” adding, “We remain open to conducting our own (protests).’’

From all perspectives.

The Westboro Baptist Church whose mission is to oppose the LGBT lifestyle has a permit and will be demonstrating. The Wichita, Kansas group first gained national attention when it protested at the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old gay college student in Laramie, Wyoming who was murdered in 1998.

Even Lady Parts Justice

Lady Parts Justice has a cocktail party planned for Thursday evening from 7 - 9 p.m. at which organizes promise people a chance to “take a whack at the Trump piñata full of goodies” while enjoying a consensual sex on the beach cocktail.

The group, founded in 2002, describes itself as a ‘cabal of comics and writers exposing creeps hellbent on destroying access to birth control and abortion.” Its name is to honor Lisa Brown, a former Michigan state representative. Brown, when arguing against a transvaginal ultrasound bill in the Michigan State House was banned from using the word vagina, and told instead to use the phrase “lady parts.”

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