“No man is a villain in his own story,” goes the old saying. In understanding the speech President Barack Obama made at the Democratic National Convention, you have to turn that statement on its head with, “Obama is always the hero in his own story.” The speech contained a promiscuous use of the singular first person pronoun, “I” and “me” with the occasional plural version “we.” The speech was delivered from a parallel universe where the last eight years consisted of a brilliant presidency in which every policy had been a stunning success. Obamacare was not the domestic policy disaster that it is for too many Americans.

The Iran nuclear weapons deal was not the modern day Munich that has placed world peace in peril.

The speech was well written and well delivered, Obama at his best. It was too bad that it likely didn’t resonate with too many people outside the convention hall. The tens of millions of people who are unemployed or underemployed and live in fear of street crime and terrorist attacks were depicted as silly, enraptured into terror by the blandishments of the Republicans. Obama was trying to say it is morning in American when actually night fell long ago. Donald Trump’s convention speech may have been dark and depressing, but it more accurately resonated with the national mood, which believes that the country is on the wrong track by a two to one margin.

Obama attempted to praise Hillary Clinton, damn Donald Trump, and reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters all at the same time. While he was addressing the delegates and the media inside the hall, Sanders fans rioted outside, clashing with the police. Obama did not resonate with the mood of even a significant portion of his own party,

At the end of the speech, on cue, Hillary Clinton herself along with her pantsuit appeared on the stage.

Obama, wearing the expression that said, “Hillary, what are you doing here?” feigned delight and embraced her as the crowd roared. The president achieved one feat by pretending to admire and love a woman whom by all accounts he loathes and despises but whom he utterly needs to preserve his threadbare legacy.

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