President Barack Obama raised some eyebrows when he stated that the motives of Micah X. Johnson, the Dallas police shooter, were “hard to untangle.” However, Johnson declared to police, just before they blew him up with a robot delivered bomb, that he hated white people and wanted to kill them, especially white police officers. Obama also said that he didn’t think the country is divided as it was in 1968, the last year that saw so much civil unrest. The statements suggest a president who is in deep denial about the country he was elected twice to govern.

During the heady days of “hope and change” in 2008 many people believed that the persistent running sore of race that has afflicted America since its founding would, at last, be healed with the election of the first African-American president.

The hope was likely always naive. But President Obama, far from trying to heal America’s racial divide, has undertaken to exacerbate it for political gain.

For example, in the wake of two back to back shooting of African Americans by police officers, President Obama took the opportunity to lecture Americans about how they have not yet gotten over racism, which he suggested permeates a number of police departments. He handed out unsourced statistics about how African Americans are more likely to be arrested, imprisoned, and shot by police than white Americans. POTUS did not offer any context, such as the fact that Crime afflicts the African-American community disproportionately.

The statement blew up in Obama’s face just hours later when Micah Johnson opened up from a concealed, elevated position and shot 12 police officers and killing five.

To be sure, most analysts have shied away from the thought that the president’s rhetoric may have encouraged violence against police, but the thought has to occur.

When he leaves office in January, Barack Obama will leave a country more bitterly divided along ethnic and other lines than when he found it.

2016 may or may not be as bad as 1968, but it will not have a redemptive event like the mission of Apollo 8, which elicited wonder in December of that year when the astronauts sent back live video of the Earth rising from the lunar surface and read from the Book of Genesis. Obama made sure of that when he cut back funding for space exploration.

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