Just when you thought Pokemon Go was the greatest thing since sliced bread, somebody out there turns it into a robbery tool, one that's even better than a weapon because it lures the robbery victims right to the robbers. Pokemon Go has become the number one free app since it's debut on July 6 and folks just can't get enough of it.

Pokemon hunters are really the hunted

This interactive app has people driving around for local Pokestops and some are driving into areas that aren't very safe. While they are all excited as they made it to their location, the happiness abruptly ends with someone brandishing a gun and demanding all their stuff, including that Smartphone with the Pokemon app.

It is about this time that they realize their hunt has ended and they were not the ones doing the hunting, but they were the hunted. They did a good job at following the lure right to a place where the armed robberswere waiting to take their belongings at gun point. This is far from just one isolated incident and it can happen anywhere.

Armed robbers lured 8 or 9 people so far

According to PG Magazine, it has been happening all around St. Louis, Missouri. Police caught a foursome in a BMW on Sunday morning and they believe they were the ones waiting for the Pokemon hunters who theylured to them. Apparently one of the features in the game is designed to lure youtodifferent locations, but what is waiting can be a bit scaryand not to mention costly as these criminals help themselves toyour stuff.

The O'Fallon Police Department have recorded eight or nine Pokemon-themed robberies so far in both St. Louis and St. Charles counties. On Sunday morning the police got a call of another armed robbery and when they arrived to the area near the intersection of Highway K and Feise Road, they located four suspects a short time later.

They had a handgun inside the black BMW they were riding in.

Stay out of dark parking lots at 2 a.m.

The O'Fallon Police Department reported that they believe these are the four suspects who have targeted their victims with the Pokemon Go Smartphone app. The department said on their Facebook page that these suspects located their prospective victimswho had gone to places like a dark parking lot or some other location that was desolate, while playing the game.

How do they lure Pokemon Go players?

The police department said many people will be asking how the suspects were able to lure the suspects. As far as they can tell the suspects did this by adding a beacon to a Pokestop to lure more players. The suspects were apparently using the app for locating people who were in desolate areas with very few people around, like a dark parking lot at 2 a.m. in the morning.

Pokemon armed robberies can happen anywhere

Some suggestions for avoiding this ploy, which can happen anywhere that people are playing this Pokemon Go game, is to think about the rules of trick or treating. Go with a crowd when searching for those Pokestops. Try and go after the Pokemon and Pokestops that are in public and crowded areas.

At 2 a.m. in the morning you want to be especially careful not leave yourself wide open for an armed robbery by heading to a desolate area.

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