Oregon is one of the few states in the United States that allows for recreational possession and use of Marijuana. This pot-friendly legal environment hasn't stopped Federal authorities from pursuing marijuana charges, however. One Oregon teen, Devontre Thomas, is now facing up to one year in jail and will soon have to stand trial in a federal court.

The circumstances around the case remain unclear. Davis was charged more than a year ago, and now Federal authorities have decided to press forward with charges.In case you're thinking that Davis is some sort of drug lord, he's not.

He was busted with approximately one gram of marijuana. Davis is, however, a person of color, belonging to a Native American tribe. His prosecution is raising questions not only of Federal intrusion into drug laws, which many feel should be left up to states, but also questions of racism.

Time for feds to butt out?

Oregon is one of four jurisdictions to legalize recreational use of marijuana, and California may soon become the fifth. Numerous other states have legalized medical use of marijuana. Meanwhile, numerous jurisdictions have decriminalized pot use, meaning possession charges are roughly akin to parking tickets.

As far as the federal government is concerned, however, pot remains a schedule 1 drug, the same as heroin and LSD. Interestingly, cocaine is considered only a schedule II drug. The federal government's general guidelines, local federal authorities should shift their focus in areas that have legalized marijuana to focusing on the “big fish.” Possessing minor amounts, in theory, should be ignored.

For one Native American teen, this clearly hasn't been the case. Sadly, a state study in Colorado found that marijuana prosecution rates for blacks and Latinos has disproportionately risen since the state legalized recreational use.

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Donald Trump

Presidential election won't offer many solutions

Hillary Clinton has, thus far, been non-committal when it comes to marijuana legalization. Clinton supports medical legalization, but is adopting a wait-and-see approach to recreational use. So, if she sees something she doesn't like, she might decide to roll back legalization. Her VP, Tim Kaine, received an “F” grade by The National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws for his stances on marijuana legalization.

Donald Trump has come on record stating that he would leave marijuana up to states.

The Republican national platform, on the other hand, is demanding the resumption and increase on the already-failed War on Drugs. Trump's hands-off approach is encouraging for states and legalization proponents, but ultimately the Party might dictate policy.

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