Fourteen years to the day he first appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, President Obama returned to make the case for why Hillary Clinton was the best choice for president. In typical Obama fashion, the commander in chief once again made history.

Obama at the DNC

On day three of the convention, the speaking lineup was impressive. From current Vice President Joe Biden, to vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, each speaker took the time to praise Clinton, while criticizing Republican nominee Donald Trump.

When it was time for Obama to take the stage for his final convention speech as president, he did so by tearing down the billionaire real estate mogul, while cementing the case for Clinton, as reported by The Hill on July 27.

After giving a brief synopsis of his own administrations' success, Obama spoke about Clinton's long history in politics, and what she has accomplishment during her time in an elected position.

When it became time to speak about the former host of "The Apprentice," Obama didn't hold back, and let loose on "The Donald."

"And then there's Donald Trump," Obama told a crowd who booed the GOP nominee. "Don't boo, vote," the president said.

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Donald Trump Democratic Party

"'The Donald' is not really a 'plans guy," Obama continued, stating, "He's not really a facts guy either." Obama went on to list Trump's sketchy business record, bringing up his history of "lawsuits, unpaid workers, and people who feel like they got cheated."

Obama doesn't hold back

"If your're concerned about paying your bulls," Obama said, "then the choice isn't even close. Obama then went on to criticize Trump's policy ideas, noting his support for torture, "banning entire religions," while calling Trump out for referring to the United States Military as a "disaster."

"America is already great," the president said, in reference to Trump's campaign slogan, stating, "America is already strong." Obama would go on to point out Trump's campaign of "fear" and "division," highlighting the recent racial divisions in the country.

"We can honor police and treat every community fairly," Obama said.President Obama went on to criticize the rest of the Republican party, and their lack of plans to help move the country forward.

In conclusion, Obama acknowledged that Clinton was not perfect, but that she was the best candidate for the job, and predicted that she will be the next President of the United States as long as Americans put aside any of their differences and get out an vote.

Obama even made it a point to credit Bernie Sanders and how he has helped move the Democratic Party in a positive direction. As of press time, Trump has not responded to Obama's scathing take down.

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