Kid’s coloring books featuring presidential candidates are not new. About a year or so ago, Ted Cruz got one that featured his championing of conservative values and constitutional principles. So it is only natural that Hillary Clinton would get her own coloring book. But, as the Washington Examiner notes, the pictures show the Democratic presidential candidate in a series of situations derived from fantasy, science fiction, and history.

One picture depicts Hillary on the back of a dragon, flying by the White House as if she were Daenerys Stormborn getting ready to roast the slavers on her way to take the Iron Throne.

Another picture shows her in a spacesuit on the surface of the moon, standing next to the American flag.

Other pictures show Clinton as Rosie the Riveter, seated on Abe Lincoln’s chair at the memorial, flying through the air like Super Girl, on the face of a 45 dollar bill, on the summit of Mount Everest, as a series of clones with different hair styles, and finally seated in the Oval Office with her feet on the desk.

One can only react agog at the attempt to recreate Hillary Clinton as a figure out of myth and legend.

It is not enough that her fan base wants to depict her as someone who should be allowed access to the nuclear codes. She’s a dragon rider, space explorer, superhero and scary clones all in one woman.

One had to think that the Trump campaign, or perhaps even the Donald himself, is regarding this as a challenge. Is Donald Trump the Coloring Book far behind. One can just imagine what sort of scenes the Republican candidate will be set in.

Donald Trump as Rambo, bare-chested, firing a machine gun.

Donald Trump as Conan the Barbarian, laying on with a big broadsword.

Donald Trump as an Ayn Rand character, standing on the top of one of his buildings under construction, making the sign of the dollar in the dust.

Donald Trump as James Bond, wearing a tux, Walther PPK in one hand, the other on the waist of Melania Trump. For a bonus point, this one will show Hillary Clinton stroking a white, Persian kitty.

(Ernestine Stavro Blofeld?)

The possibilities are endless.

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