On night two of the Republican National Convention, the highlight consisted of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie making the case against Hillary Clinton while Donald Trump Jr. made the case for his father, now the official Republican nominee for president. The night did not contain any distractions such as the plagiarism charge against Melania Trump.

Christie put on his old prosecutor hat to tear into Hillary Clinton and list the bill of particulars against her and her claim to the presidency. Hillary watchers would be familiar with the charges Christie brought against her, which included blunders while Secretary of State in Libya and other places as well as the continuing running sore of the email servers.

The speech was delivered to the chants of “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Donald Trump Jr., along with his younger sister Tiffany Trump, provided an intimate portrait of his father that many people, used to the vulgarian who is given to saying outrageous things in public, have been unaware of. The great paradox of Donald Trump the elder is that while he displays a great many disagreeable traits, he seems to have brought up a group of well-adjusted, hard-working, sober children, a remarkable achievement for a billionaire.

Trump the younger also promised a brilliant presidency should his dad get elected. He also cast a few zingers in Hillary Clinton’s direction.

The night also featured speeches by Speaker Paul Ryan, who called for party unity and promised good policy coming out of Congress in a Trump administration, and Ben Carson, who compared Hillary Clinton to Lucifer, and not the suave character from the TV series.

The night had a remarkable dearth of rancor, considering the hurt feelings from the #NeverTrump faction. One could sense the Republicans slowly and painfully coming together for the long, twilight struggle to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House and complete one of the most remarkable and unexpected political stories of this or any other century. As hard as it is to believe, we live in a world in which Donald Trump is the presidential nominee of a major political party and may just go all the way.

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