Those who have been reading the tea leaves of Donald Trump’s veepstakes noticed a tweet by CNN’s Brian Stelter, which read, “"Fox News Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement" with Newt Gingrich "effective immediately." Story TK.” Despite the fact that as of this writing Trump will be attending a rally with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, another possibility to be his running mate, the news has set social media ablaze. The official word from Fox is the suspension is the result of the “possibility” that Gingrich will be selected as Trump's running mate. However, no reason would exist for the suspension because the conflict of interest only kicks in when Gingrich is offered the role, and he accepts it.

The strengths that Gingrich would bring to a Trump ticket are evident. He was in Congress for 20 years, four of them as the first Republican speaker of the House in 40 years after he led a revolution based on the Contract with America in 1994. He ran for president in 2012. Gingrich is well known as a fountain of creative policy ideas, ranging from prize competitions to discover cures for diseases to a commercial moon base. He is also articulate with intellectual heft. The joke around political circles is that Gingrich is the one man who can turn a gaffe made by Trump and explain it so that it seems reasonable.

He would be devastating in any debate.

The argument against Gingrich stems from the fact that he is in his 70s. But the calculation may be that balancing the ticket with a younger person does not give it as much benefit as some might imagine.

Of course, the leak that Stelter reported may be a head fake and that Trump will choose someone else later this week. Still, the presumed Republican nominee has suggested that Gingrich would serve in his administration in some capacity, perhaps as White House chief of staff or perhaps as National Security Advisor or even a new position, technology and science czar.

The thought of two larger than life men who have been in the public eye as Trump and Gingrich have been running together is like the prospect of Christmas morning for anyone who writes about politics.

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