Did your laptop or desktop upgrade its operating system to Windows 10 without you knowing about it or without your approval? This is something that happened to many people, so you are not the only one. A woman from US sued Microsoft for this reason and won the trial, while the IT giant had to pay a compensation of 10,000 dollars.

Her laptop stopped working and Microsoft could not fix it

After a few days since Microsoft launched Windows 10 for the large public for free, Teri Goldstein’s laptop, which she uses for her job, started downloading and installing the new operating system.

The woman stated that she never approved the installation and her frustration reached maximum quota once the installing operation failed. From that moment, Teri’s computer stopped working properly, so she contacted the Microsoft’s customer service department which is trained for such a scenario; however they did not manage to fix the issue.

Sued and lost

Teri decided to sue them and won the trial immediately. The company proceeded with the necessary steps but in the end they quit the trial and paid the woman 10,000 dollars in compensation.

One of the company’s spokesmen explained that this decision was taken only so they could avoid trial costs.

If it worked once, Microsoft could be facing multiple trials

The company which aggressively pushes Windows 10 into our devices to upgrade from the 7 and 8.1 versions has so far made many users quite upset. It is however difficult to prove that a person did not agree for the update and that it took place automatically.

But Teri Goldstein’s case could create a dangerous precedent for the company, knowing that other users could proceed with a lawsuit against Microsoft for similar reasons. In such a case, Microsoft could be facing a collective trial.

Microsoft is ending the free campaign

However, these types of issues will soon stop as of July 29th. Because that’s the date when the company ends the free upgrade campaign and once the campaign is over, users will need to pay in order to install the new version of Windows 10.

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