The theme of the first night of the Republican National Convention was “Making America Safe Again.” The night featured speeches from people like Rudy Giuliani “the rock of 9/11”, Marcus Luttrell, the former Navy SEAL whose adventures were dramatized in the film “Lone Survivor” and Pat Smith, whose son Sean was killed in Benghazi and who blames Hillary Clinton for it. The climax of the night was delivered by Melania Trump, who would be the first lady should Donald Trump be elected president of the United States.

Trump would be a unique first lady as she is foreign born, hailing from Slovenia, and speaks with a distinct accent. Newt Gingrich recently joked that Melania is living proof that Trump is not against all immigration.

The speech was standard potential first lady fare, part praise of her husband, part celebration of her own immigrant experience, and part promise of an active role in worthy causes should she become the wife of an American president. Her poise, elegance, and telegenic presence suggests that she would be the first lady in the style of Jackie Kennedy.

She would also serve as a check on Donald Trump’s more unseemly, vulgar tendencies. She is one woman that the mercurial real estate tycoon loves and respects without reservation.

Some in the media noted a remarkable resemblance between a paragraph in Melania Trump’s speech and a similar one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008. The paragraph in both speeches talked about being raised on individual values and transmitting them to their children.

The Melania version was not a word for word copy, but it did use similar phrasing and expressed similar sentiments to the ones utilized by the current first lady. Even so, the word “plagiarism” is being used.

The matter is likely a kerfuffle that will have no resonance for anyone besides the hyper-partisan. Politicians lift from one another more frequently than most realized. President Obama has done so.

Indeed, Vice President Joe Biden had become infamous for lifting entire sections of other people’s speeches and making them their own. Still, the matter was a minor embarrassment that served to detract from what was otherwise a sublime moment.

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