Oh,Twitter.For anyone who isn't already aware, some of Melania Trump's 2016National Conventionspeech appears to be directly stolen from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. The speech is nearly twenty minutes long and received generally positive reviews...at first.

Soon after the night ended, Jarret Hill on Twitter pointed out the discrepancy and things took a turn. Major News sites picked up the story and the debate began.

Donald Trump's campaign team claimed that the similarities between the speeches were just a coincidence, but pretty much everybody else thinks otherwise. Watch the video below if you want to hear Melania and Michelle back-to-back:

The aftermath

Twitter users quickly responded to the scandal with #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes, a hashtag made to poke fun at Melania's failure to remain 100% original. People have been sarcastically quoting famous song lyrics, phrases, and moments as a play on the scandal.

Even Grey's Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams joined in:

And of course there's this hilarious video that someone made:

The hashtag has been trending for nearly twenty-four hours on Twitter and shows no signs of dying, with everyone wanting in on the joke.

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Donald Trump

Melania, you scoundrel

Experts confirm that there's a "one in a trillion chance" that Melania's speech wasn't influenced by Michelle Obama's, so it's probably safe to say that Donald Trump's wife is busted. Although sources say no one's getting fired after the scandal, that hasn't stopped social media users from wondering what exactly happened.

Some commenters have pointed out the irony in Melania lifting from Michelle's speech since Donald Trump is the presumptive Republicannominee and the Obamas are obviously Democrats.

Other folks have wondered if the scandal was a calculated publicity stunt manufacturedby Donald Trump and his team. Though I think it's safe to say that whatever went down behind the scenes, it sure made for a hilarious start to the week. Hopefully, Melania and her writers learn from this mistake.

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