It has been two years since Florida passed a medical marijuana law meant to help patients with certain medical conditions. On Tuesday, the very first weed dispensary in the state will open and start accepting orders.

Medical marijuana available to patients next week

Trulieve, a cannabis grower based in Tallahassee, has received the official green light from the Florida Department of Health to distribute medical marijuana. Eligible patients, those diagnosed with certain conditions like cancer and epilepsy, can obtain a low-strength marijuana for treatment.

First dispensary in Florida

On Wednesday, Trulieve announced that they had passed all growing, processing, and dispensing inspections required by regulators.

According to the company, they are the first in the state to do so. While the weed grower will only have one dispensary in Tallahassee, patients from anywhere in the state can order and have the drug delivered. Trulieve plans to open more dispensaries in the near future.

Thousands eligible for medical marijuana

Under the 2014 medical marijuana law, patients in Florida must receive a doctor’s approval before getting access to the drug. State officials estimate about 250,000 Floridians could legally receive medical marijuana. While the legislation prohibits smoking weed, patients can use the drug in other forms, such as oils, vaporizers, and capsules.

Florida patients may get high-THC marijuana

Cannabis high in THC, the chemical that produces the infamous euphoria effect, will be available to terminally ill patients starting next month.

An amendment to the law, up for vote this November, will expand the number of conditions treatable with full-strength marijuana.

Slow start to the marijuana program

Patients seeking treatment must be registered with Florida first, but as yet, there are no names in the state’s database. Additionally, only 15 doctors are approved to legally recommend marijuana.

Besides Trulieve, five other weed growers are awaiting their final approval from the state before opening their own dispensaries. One in particular, Surterra Therapeutics, has plans to open one before the end of summer.

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