As the Bastille Day celebrations died down in Nice, the resort town in the south of France, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 25 ton truck a mile through a crowd of people, killing 84, including 10 children and two Americans, and maiming uncounted others, before stopped by local police in a hail of gunfire. People were sent flying or were crushed beneath the wheels of the truck. Dismembered bodies were left behind in the vehicle’s wake.

Bouhlel shouted “Allahu akbar!” God is great! That is the battle cry of the jihadi as he committed mass murder. Once again a city in the civilized world has felt the horror coming out of the Middle East.

ISIS and its supporters erupted in jubilation.

The latest radical Islamist mass murder had given rise to calls to get serious about bringing down the Islamic State, that real world corner of Mordor that has stretched across Northern Syria and Iraq and has become the modern focus of evil on the planet. President Barack Obama and the woman who would replace him, Hillary Clinton, have responded with blather. Donald Trump, to his credit, has called on the world to wake up and deal with the radical Islamic cancer that has attached itself to the world.

The continued outrages that have afflicted Western civilization coming out of the Middle East and the persistent inability of the current ruling elites to deal with them is likely to cause upheavals in the politics of a number of nations.

Brexit was, in part, a direct result of the failure of the European Union to come to grips with the migrant crisis and the accompanying threat of terrorism. The separation of the UK from Europe is just the beginning.

Donald Trump, the mercurial real estate tycoon, running on a platform of nationalism, will no doubt benefit from the latest terrorist outrage and may well become president as a result.

In France, the presidential elections scheduled for 2017 may well be won by the National Front’s Martine Le Pen, a prospect that just a few years ago was unthinkable. Right-wing parties across Europe are experiencing a surge of support from a frightened populace who want something done to keep them safe.

The failure of governments to come to grips with the problem will ensure their success with consequences that are hard to predict.

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