methamphetamine in Krispie Kreme donuts? No wonder they're dang addictive! But seriously, Florida cops thought that Krispie Kreme had a new flavor -- crystal meth donuts. They arrested motorist Daniel Rushing for what looked like white meth flakes. Rushing told them it was donut glaze but Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins didn't believe him. She conducted several roadside drug tests which proved the presence of narcotics. But a criminal lab report cleared Rushing -- not meth. 

Veteran cop arrests guy on possession of donuts

Riggs-Hopkins, the Orlando, Florida officer who arrested Daniel Rushing, says she knows crystal meth.


She should after 11 years in law enforcement. So when, on a drug stakeout at a convenience store, she saw white "rocks" on Rushing's floorboards, she was pretty sure what they were. Rushing had stopped to pick up a friend when cops approached his car and noticed the white substance. He assured them it was from the Krispie Kreme doughnuts. Riggs-Hopkins did two cursory tests which came back positive for drugs. Rushing also had a concealed weapon which he told officers he was licensed to carry. He was arrested on possession of narcotics and a firearm. A lab report didn't confirm what the substance was, but it did find no evidence of narcotics.

Rushing says he knew he had done nothing wrong and will never let anyone search his vehicle again. 

Krispie Kreme not the only thing to look like meth

The making, use, and distribution of crystal meth has risen sharply over the last decade. Methamphetamine has been called the "poor man's crack" because it can be made easily and cheaply. Meth labs are relatively easy to set up and hide. The show "Breaking Bad" basically teaches watchers how to make crystal meth and has put a lot of focus on this drug.

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If cocaine is easy to mimic with corn starch or powdered sugar, methamphetamine is even easier to disguise. It can look like sugar, rock salt, coarse table salt, halite and, it appears, doughnut glaze. Maybe it should be called Cryspie Meth? What is curious is that the initial scan on Rushing's crumbs tested positive for drugs but the lab's were negative.