There are some secrets about Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, out that a report implies the palace would rather keep quiet. The duchess has had her share of scandals that mostly surround wardrobe malfunctions and has been criticized for being a social climber. One thing is for certain when it comes to Kate, the public loves juicy gossip. In the British royal family, there's always plenty to go around!

Kate's accent was polished up.

Middleton's voice sounds elegant, but a new report out states that she didn't always have that vocal poise.

Radaronline reports that the Duchess hired voice coach, Anthony "Ant" Gordon Lennox, who's the nephew of a Duke and a former television producer. He helped Kate Middleton to acquire a more sophisticated accent.

Bowing to "blood princesses"

The royals are a bunch who bow to each other even though they're family. Imagine waking up each morning and bowing down to your brother or sister! It's the real thing with British royals. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth set new protocols inside the palace and devised a plan for Kate to "keep her in her place," according to the report.

The queen mandated that Middleton bow to "blood princesses," which means that she must curtsy to all of the females born royal. Yes, this means even in private! Among those she must curtsy to are Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. It would also mean curtsying to Princess Anne. The only time she's exempt from such a rule is when she's in Prince William's presence.

There's active gossip originating from the editor of Majesty magazine suggesting that Kate's mid-length skirts and lower heels are blamed on her "middle class" background.

The editor claims that the duchess is "terrified" of making a wrong move in the fashion department.

So-called "secrets" not so new.

Back in March, the Daily Mail reported that Kate received voice lessons from Anthony Gordon Lennox. She was also dubbed the "Duchess of do-little" because of her low number of public engagements. It was also widely reported when she married Prince William, that Middleton would be required to bow to other princesses in the royal household as a measure of royal protocol.

Radaronline wrote that the queen made up a new policy, but it's hardly new and was already revealed to the public five years ago.

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