The International Space Station (ISS) cut their live feed just as an UFO came into view last week, sending UFO enthusiasts into a NASA conspiracy spin. This isn't the first time that an unidentified flying or floating object has come into view on the ISS cameras just to have the feed cut out.

UFO too close for comfort?

This was discovered by Streetcap1, a YouTube user who studies the ISS camera feeds for any signs of anomalies. The video posted by Streetcap1 shows an object slowly moving into the view of the cameras and as it falls into view, the object seems to stop, almost hover. It is right at this time that the image is gone and in its place is the screen flashing that there are technical difficulties with the feed.

NASA offers tech problems

You have to admit that it is a bit coincidental that the feed happens to cut out at that exact moment. The News of the ISS cameras capturing this video got around and soon the video went viral. Does this mean that NASA is hiding something?An answer to that question came via CNET, who was told by NASA that the cameras on the ISS are not manually turned on and off, it is done automatically, so no, the live feed was not shut off on purpose.

Streetcap1 did not try an incite a riot about an alien ship nearing ISS, in fact it is the opposite. The YouTube user reminded everyone that an unidentified flying object, or specifically this UFO,can be anything and not necessarily an alien ship.

What was seen on the ISS video could have been space junk or a meteor. While it could also be a space ship of some kind, evidence either way, so there's no telling what it was. What makes this such a curiosity is the fact that the live feed was cut as the object came into view. Check out the video below:

Suspicion runs high

People are very suspicious of NASA's excuse for the live feed to cut out just as some object was coming into view.

NASA has cameras in many places within the solar system whether it be on the Mars' rovers or on a telescope pointing to far away worlds. Every so often something pops up that creates a buzz about a possible alien life form. What makes this incident so baffling is the fact that the cameras went dark just as this object was coming closer into view.

As you might imagine, people aren't buying NASA's report that the feed wasn't cut and that it was interference of some type caused by technical difficulties. The YouTube library has a few clips of strange objects coming into view of the ISS cameras and just like this incident, the camera shut off and it is usually the same excuse given as to why it happened at that specific time.

NASA offers ISS camera range 101

The spokesperson for NASA told CNET, "The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellitesused to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station.

For video, whenever we lose signal the cameras will show a blue screenor a preset video slate." Again, it was very coincidental for the ISS to pass out of range. While you will probably never know what was in the camera's scope, it is incidents like this one that keeps theNASA conspiracy theory alive and kicking.

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