What kind of a mindset makes a man fill his truck full of grenades and guns in a country that bans all firearms?

A man who wants to kill, maim, destroy, and instill terror into human beings. Gun laws don't work for people like this.

How does a madman get a truck load of grenades and firearms in a country that bans them?

One way is to go underground. The Internet is full of layers; the surface web and the deep web and gun laws don't work here either. Other layers are found within these two. The deep or dark web is the part of the Internet that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible (sort of) to the average person. Just about anything can be had from the dark web, and as such, it can be used for good or for evil. If you want guns, head over to the darkweb to find them.

Honest dialogue on gun control

If we are going to have a dialogue in the United States about gun controlwe have to make it honest and non-emotional.

Today, the divide is so clear cut it is frightening. The middle ground seems not to exist anymore. To give away all our gun rights leaves us vulnerable, but to allow the mentally ill to purchase them is just as crazy. HIPPA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, disallows anyone from accessing medical records except the attending physician and the patient. If you, as a patient, have not given your primary care physician permission to talk to your significant other or anyone else, they are prohibited from getting any information on your condition. The same goes for home grown terrorists.

Right to privacy

To protect privacy one cannot know if the person with the gun is mentally stable or not. If we are allowed to continue purchasing guns and institute gun laws, perhaps a medical background check should be required. However that destroys our right to privacy. At what point do we forgo privacy for safety? That is a question that must be answered before going forward.

Some are questioning that because illegal guns and ammunition were found in the back of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel's truck that the discovery suggests a premeditated attack.

Um, ya think?

This is what I mean about honesty. Of course it was premeditated. How else could he have gotten the guns and grenades? Once again, gun laws do not apply to someone like him. Some are now saying that a few of the recovered weapons are fake, however we know he had a gun as he used it to kill indiscriminately as he drove through Nice.We will have to see how this plays out, but clearly, this man wanted to people to die. In this case, it was more the truck than guns, but there is no way we can outlaw trucks just like we can't outlaw planes.

Who is Mohamed Bouhlel?

Bouhlel is a French man of Tunisian descent. He had a violent past and the police knew about him, but he was not on a terror watch list. He was accused of battering his wife, theft, and in March he was found guilty of road rage. Obviously, he had anger issues and just as obviously, he did not follow gun laws.

Which makes me wonder. Perhaps he was looking for a way to redeem himself or maybe he was just mentally ill.

Unfortunately, we will never know.

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